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Maxx Performance Unveils Its New Technology to Roanoke

January 16, 2012

The Roanoke Valley Region Welcomed Maxx Performance, a company which brings new state of the art technology to not only the Virginia area but also globally. Over the next three years Maxx Performance estimates to create between 12-15 jobs its new location. “We are thrilled to have a company like Maxx Performance choose Roanoke to locate its manufacturing and R&D center,” said Chris Morrill, Roanoke City Manager. Here’s what The Roanoke Star-Sentinel is saying about what we bring to the region.

In Roanoke, “We found not only a proximity to our Alma mater, Virginia Tech, but a great place to do business,” said Founder, President and CEO Dr. Winston Samuels. The proximity to Virginia Tech allows Maxx Performance to intertwine ideas with students and faculty to assist customers with breakthrough solutions which will help speed up access to markets and achieve success. “Locating our facility in Roanoke enables us to give back to the region some of what was given to us while we were students at Virginia Tech,” says Samuels.

As the leading provider of Microencapsulation and encapsulation technologies, Maxx Performance has done what many other companies have been unable to achieve. Maxx Performance uses its proprietary new micro encapsulation technology to aid companies in overcoming many obstacles that prevent them from increasing the sales of their products; by extending shelf life, controlling the release of ingredients in animals and food systems, masking bitter taste, and odors to enhancing flavors and textures. “Bitter tastes such as caffeine, green tea extract or certain vitamins and minerals can provide healthful benefits but affect how foods taste. Microencapsulation, containing these ingredients and their tastes in microscopic capsules, enables the tastes to be managed within a completed product and, for example, reduce the need for artificial sweeteners. Additionally, ingredients can be engineered to extend the shelf life of tortillas and frozen dough.,” says Samuels.

As Maxx Performance continues to grow, so will the need for new and revolutionary products. From energy sticks containing caffeine to chocolate covered cranberries with probiotics, there is nothing holding Maxx Performance from achieving world wide success.

For more information, contact: 
Courtney Samuels
Maxx Performance Inc.
3621 Aerial Way Drive
Roanoke VA 24018