Optimizing Ingredients

A Better Tasting, Lower Cost Croissant with 75% Less Sugar

What happens when microencapsulated ingredients are used to improve delivery of the classic buttery, flaky breakfast food—the croissant? The results are in!

According to the commercial baker who engaged Maxx to help make the most effective use of ingredients, “We have conducted three sets of test so far using your encapsulated sugar, salt, ascorbic and sorbic acids in our croissants, and the feedback is powerful:”

  • 75% reduction in total sugar content
  • 50%+ reduction in total yeast content
  • 10% reduction in total salt content
  • Replaced Puratos S-500 dough conditioner with 25% as much of the Maxx ascorbic acid product
  • Replaced the mold inhibitor crystalline calcium propionate with 50% as much of the Maxx sorbic acid product


Tasty benefits, indeed.

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