Optimizing Ingredients

Microencapsulated Salt Delivers Better Bread Volume and Flavor

Just when you thought it wasn’t possible to improve the quality of your baked goods using less salt, Maxx invites you to think again.

For years, one of our commercial bakers had used the traditional 2-stage method to make dinner rolls—delaying the addition of the 2% salt until the final step of the mixing process, or “dough clean up.” But as their business increased, they found they needed a more efficient production process to deliver the same level of quality.

They called Maxx to see if we could develop a coated salt that could be added at the same time as all the other ingredients without affecting yeast fermentation or increasing mixing time. As usual, we delivered.

Based on the recommendations of our R&D team, we provided the baker with a microencapsulated salt enrobed in vegetable oil that could be added to the mix and effectively minimize the baking process to just 1 stage. The results speak for themselves:

  • The coating on the salt prevented it from interfering with yeast performance, so optimum leavening was achieved;
  • This same coating also prevented the salt from tightening the flour proteins during mixing, so no additional time was required;
  • Because the active salt was released from the coating during baking, they were able to use 30% less!

The baker was delighted. Any initial concerns they had about whether the use of less salt would compromise flavor were quickly dispelled. Customers who sampled the rolls overwhelmingly preferred the bigger volume, better texture and delicious taste of the newly formulated dinner rolls.

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