Optimizing Ingredients

How We Saved One Pizza Dough Maker

A pizza dough manufacturer called on a Wednesday in a panic. Their leavening blend supplier was suddenly unable to deliver the product—and without a solution by that Friday, they stood to lose one of their largest and longest-standing clients.

Maxx to the rescue

The Maxx logistics and technical team quickly mobilized around the challenge. A search of our library revealed that a higher active encapsulated leavening system blend would be as effective in the customer’s pizza dough application as the former supplier’s lower active solution.

So we delivered our blend to the manufacturer’s plant on Friday as promised—and it worked flawlessly in process.

A way more effective solution

Not only did the pizza dough customer retain the business that was in jeopardy, but they’ve since reordered with Maxx.

As it turns out, replacing the competitor’s lower active encapsulated leavening system with a higher active encapsulated combination blend provided a 42% decrease in use rate to achieve the same results—and generated significant cost savings at the same time.

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