Optimizing Ingredients

Preventing Mold in Bakery Products

Baked goods, as everyone knows, present problems no matter what technology or secret recipes you have or know. No baked items can last forever without becoming moldy, but – listen up – they can last a lot longer than you may think.

We recently met a customer who had been scouring the Internet, frantically searching for remedies to help prolong the freshness of her muffins and cookies. These baked goods are typically high in water activity and susceptible to short shelf life and mold growth. She had tried homemade recipes and other solutions, but had not found the answer.

She called our offices desperate for a solution: “I have a large food service account and just days to get my muffins to perform better. If I can’t achieve a longer shelf life, I’ll lose the business.”

Shelf-life extension, we explained, was one of our core capabilities. For example, our slow release acidulants are used to extend case shelf life of flour tortillas by up to 30 days; and yes, we have a solution. We immediately sent samples and to this day, she could not be happier with her longer-lasting cookies and muffins. She kept the account.

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