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Our Most Innovative Meat Snack Yet

Recently, Maxx teamed up with the Department of Food Sciences at Virginia Tech to put our talents and technologies to the test. Our goal was to deliver the benefits of choline bitartrate and green tea extract in an everyday snack item without the bitter flavors and fishy taste.

So we created snack meat sticks coated with slow-release citric acid to deliver long shelf life without protein denaturing – and fortified with the taste-masked nutrients to provide added health benefits.

Research shows that choline can play a critical role in reproductive outcomes, is clearly linked to fetal and infant brain development and enhanced memory and cognition, and supports normal liver function. The benefits of green tea are also well known, from promoting bone health and assisting with weight management, to preventing certain cancers.

How’d we do? Attendees of the Institute of Food Technology trade show in Chicago were amazed at the taste of these snack sticks. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We encourage you to request samples and see (and taste) for yourself.

maxx fortified meat stick with no protein denaturing

And while you’re at it, consider these other ways our technology can drive greater demand for your meat sticks:

  • Add tasteless green tea extract for enhanced athletic performance
  • Incorporate choline for improved cognition without fishy taste
  • Make them Gluten- and GMO-free

Of course, you can always create your own custom blend for healthier snacking – and give your consumers exactly what they’re hungry for!

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