Optimizing Ingredients

Masking the Taste of Green Tea Extract for Nutrient Bars

Can your technology effectively mask the bitter taste of green tea extract so it can be used in a nutrient bar and possibly other finished goods?

That was the inquiry we received from a Midwestern contract manufacturer who was tasked with incorporating green tea extract into a nutrient bar. His customer had obtained a sample of microencapsulated green tea extract from us and been so impressed with the effectiveness of the taste masking, that he wanted to add it to a nutrient bar. The manufacturer, on the other hand, had worked with green tea extract before and traditionally used bulking agents to help mask the off taste.

To split the tie, we sent the manufacturer a sample of our solution and he called right back, exclaiming, “How’d you guys do it? There’s no bitterness!”

The contract manufactured went ahead and made the nutrient bars using our technology, then conducted taste panels to get real feedback. Not only were the consumers delighted, but our taste-masking solution also lowered the cost of production for the customer by eliminating the bulking agents.

And since then, the contract manufacturer has helped another customer launch another new product—taste-masked, slow-release green tea extract in a Stick Pack—targeting the weight management market.

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