Optimizing Ingredients

Stabilizing Sprinkles for More Colorful Shelf Life

Ever heard of edible confetti sprinkles or rainbow confection chips?

They come in an array of happy colors – from red and blue to yellow and green – and are traditionally used as a topping for cupcakes, cookies, even yogurt.

But over time, particularly with products like birthday cakes in the display case, the confetti sprinkles pick up moisture and the colors bleed – making for an unsightly product that is no longer saleable.

What to do about it?

Microencapsulation technology can be used to help rainbow confection chip manufacturers overcome the inherent instability of these sweet little nuggets. In fact, we’ve already developed a stabilized sprinkle that survives in yogurt for more than 72 hours without any indication of color leaching.

This means that confetti sprinkles can be added to a product either before serving or at the point of manufacture without any risk of losing visual appeal. We think that’s pretty sweet.

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