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Maxx Hits a Home Run Taste-Masking Caffeine

When it comes to masking the bitter taste of certain ingredients, no one makes products more palatable than Maxx. We created the first flavor-masking solution for green tea extract almost two decades ago and have been innovating great-tasting food supplements ever since.

Batter Up!

A protein powder and supplement manufacturer recently contacted us to see whether we could mask the bitter taste of caffeine and deliver a product with better texture. For 10 years they’d been using a coated caffeine from another supplier, but it left a bitter, gritty taste and the brand was beginning to lose market share.

We sent them a sample of our coated caffeine and six weeks passed without any word. On the seventh week, we received this feedback from the company’s chief formulator:

I received your coated caffeine and it’s one of the best caffeine supplements I’ve ever tasted. Great job! Do you think you could do the same for us with TeaCrine, Dynamine, Pterostilbene and a few other actives? If you could, it would be a home run for us.

The CEO agreed, as well, saying that he intended to replace their gritty-coated caffeine with Maxx’s solution. And that was just the warm-up.

Here Comes the Pitch

Next, the CEO suggested that he had other actives in need of taste-masking, shelf-life extension, and sustained-release systems, and asked whether we could provide winning solutions for those applications, too.

We told him that our propriety microencapsulation technologies are central to every problem we solve—and that he had just scratched the proverbial coating of what we’re capable of.

If you have an application that you’d like to innovate, deliver sustained release, enhance bioavailability, stabilize—you name it—talk to us. Our technical team applies the scientific expertise, decades of real-world experience and creativity to knock your next formulation out of the park!

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