Optimizing Ingredients

Maxx to the Moisture Rescue

A frantic customer involved in sports nutrition called with a serious problem: he had engaged one microencapsulation company to make commercial quantities of an expensive branched chain amino acid which was being used in a larger formulation. But already two runs in, the company’s technology had failed to remove moisture from the process. The product was moldy.

After speaking with the customer about what he was trying to accomplish we requested that the customer send a raw material sample of the exact BCAA that his other microencapsulation company was working with. Upon receiving the sample our Maxx personnel responded immediately by doing a particle size analysis. We then proceeded to produce a prototype using our technology. In our process moisture is never introduced. The prototype was sent back to the sports nutrition company for evaluation. The customer quickly approved the prototype and larger scale commercial quantities were produced thereafter; meeting the customer’s timeline and budget. Maxx used its technology and know-how to produce a stable, taste-masked branched chain amino acid that was destined for the sports nutrition market and more specifically for post recovery after a rigorous workout.

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