Optimizing Ingredients

Energizing a Sports Nutrition Company

“Can your technology mask taste and help us decrease the cost of expensive flavors?” asked the director of a sports nutrition company that manufactures a blend of ingredients for pre-workouts. Although his products worked well to enhance performance, their bitter taste was turning consumers away.

According to the customer, every attempt at adding flavors to mask the bitter notes had failed. When he brought the issue to the attention of two separate flavor houses, they recommended adding yet another masking agent in the form of a sugar. But that solution would not only undermine his desire to market a “natural” suite of products, it would also drive up manufacturing costs.

So he reached out to Maxx, sent a sample of his blend, and within a week’s time we were able to ship him a prototype for evaluation.

Days later the customer called back jubilant saying that we solved his challenge – the prototype we sent him was tasteless! He wanted to know how many flavor-masking agents and other compounds were used to mask the bitter notes; we told him none – just his active blend and a food-ingredient coating that also delivered sustained-released energy over time. Another competitive advantage.

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