Optimizing Ingredients

Formulating a Weight Management Solution Fast

A project manager at a west coast Weight Management Company called us one day in a state of frustration. She had been trying to formulate a green tea extract combination for use in a weight loss application unsuccessfully for over a year. The flavor company she was working with had exhausted every possibility, and they finally referred her to Maxx Performance.

As it turned out, the challenge that faced the Weight Management Company was not at all unfamiliar to us: masking the bitter taste of green tea extract, while maintaining the stability of the other ingredients.

We quickly described our micro-encapsulation technologies to the project manager, and how they have proven to mask bitter notes and stabilize bioactive sensitive ingredients. We also submitted a prototype within 2 weeks – and within a month, found a solution to the formulating with green tea extract. Bitter taste was eliminated, and accelerated stability studies revealed that the sensitive ingredients were stabilized.

In the end, the Company was able to launch its weight management supplement with a pleasant taste – and no customer rejects – within just 3 months after contacting Maxx.

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