Optimizing Ingredients

Core Technologies

Big possibilities with blending.

Custom blending can be used to provide superior nutrient stability and product performance, as well as help consolidate your supply chain and run your process more efficiently.

As a premier provider of off-the-shelf and custom blends, Maxx gives you the flexibility to use any number of microencapsulated and raw, uncoated ingredients in combination to add value in bold new ways.

Fortify your product

Use custom blends to enrich your products with the benefits consumers demand. In human applications, for example:

  • Combine the benefits of organic acid, probiotics and enzymes to improve digestive health
  • Incorporate CoQ10 and omega-3 fatty acids for cardiovascular health
  • Add calcium, vitamins D and K, chondroitin and collagen for stronger bones and joints
  • Include choline in products promising cognitive health benefits
  • Reduce sodium in bakery products by slowing the rate of release of fast-acting leaveners

Streamline your operation

The benefits of custom blends to your product and process are many, including:

  • Consolidate multiple nutrients into a single ingredient source
  • Deliver high-quality, batch-to-batch uniformity
  • Increase homogeneity and consistency of the final product
  • Reduce purchasing, warehousing and inventory costs
  • Reduce waste and ingredient losses