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Making Digestive Health Even Healthier

Intestinal health is fast becoming a key area of focus for food and feed manufacturers seeking to satisfy the demand for improved wellbeing across species. It was against this backdrop that we were engaged by an international company to reduce antibiotic use in the diets of their farm animals.

According to the representative, the company’s goal was to deliver a blend of slow-release acidic modifiers to the intestines of monogastric species that would prevent the colonization of undesirable organisms, while still achieving a solid growth rate. They were using a competitor product, but the end result was clumpy and inconsistent.

Within the span of two prototypes, Maxx was able to produce a free- flowing, slow-release blend that met all the company’s criteria for pH regulation, prevention of harmful bacteria and digestibility. And from there, their large-scale animal trials were positive and several new products have been commercialized.

Of course, microencapsulated solutions like these aren’t limited to farm animals. Humans are monogastric, too – and you can be sure we’re using our proprietary technology to bring probiotics, enzymes and other unstable bioactive ingredients into areas that were once considered unreachable even in the people population.

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