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Maxx Performance Celebrates 10 years as Solutions Provider. Highlights Major Achievements

January 24, 2014

December 2013 marked the 10-year anniversary in which Maxx Performance has been providing innovative solutions to companies in the industries it serves. Over the 10 year period, the company has used its expansive microencapsulated delivery system to help manufacturers in the food, dietary supplements, animal health and nutrition, companion animals and pharmaceutical industries overcome their most difficult application processing challenges.

Whether it be extending the shelf life of bakery products for as long as 30 days or delivering sustained released ingredients or developing rumen stable ingredients to increase the efficiency of animal production the company continues to work collaboratively with its partners to drive innovation.Commenting on the 10 year anniversary Winston Samuels, Ph.D., Founder, President and CEO said that “Our ongoing partnership with formulators across human and animal platforms is what fuels our thinking and helps us transform issues into advancements. So as we celebrate this major milestone, Maxx would like to offer our sincerest thanks to customers whose close collaboration has served as a catalyst for countless new and useful technologies. Together, we look forward to making the next 10 years equally as productive!”

Major accomplishments over 10 year period

  1. Company incorporated in 2004 as a Delaware Corporation and www.maxxperform.com established
  2. September 2010, Maxx relocates manufacturing and R&D to Roanoke, VA
  3. Company announces breakthrough and launches bitter-free green tea extract for use in bakery
  4. Launched Online resource designed for food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers
  5. Developed bitter-free sustained released Caffeine for use in different formulations
  6. Developed breakthrough solutions for rumen stable ingredients to release at targeted sites
  7. Stabilized probiotics and enzymes. Get enzymes to survive steam pelleting
  8. Provided solutions for extending shelf life across different industries

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Maxx Performance Inc.
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